Giatech, Llc

Why does it have to be so Hard?

Trouble with email? Slow Internet speed? Problems with viruses, malware, lost files and data? Applications seem impenetrably complicated? Technology was supposed to make your business easier, more efficient, more profitable!  Instead, it seems like a never-ending headache!  Making matters worse, getting a straight answer about your problems can be like finding water in Death Valley, or like you've just been had by a used-car salesman.

Giatech makes it easy!

We specialize in helping small & medium-sized businesses with technology, but we aren't your usual IT-guys. Our approach can be summed-up by three things:

We don't sell any software or hardware, and our answer is not to push you into the latest, greatest, newest computers, laptops or software programs if you don't really need them.  We use the same bang-for-the-buck approach you do when making decisions for your business, and try to help you get the most from the money you invest in technology.  We know you didn't start your business so you could buy a bunch of computers and software, and we didn't start ours to try to sell it.  Our business is here to try to make yours more efficient and profitable.


If you are frustrated with your computer and network systems, call Giatech today, and get back to business!  305.665.9602